Euro’s & Copa America

Finals On 12 & 13 July

For the 7am games bookings are required. We’ll be open especially for kickoff and will be serving a breakfast buffet for just $20, bar opens at 8am. Use the button below to book in!

Here’s the group games we’re open for.


ENGLAND vs SCOTLAND @ 7am Saturday 19 June

HUNGRY vs FRANCE @ 1am Sunday 20 June

CROATIA vs SCOTLAND @ 7am Wednesday 23 June

CZECH REPUBLIC vs ENGLAND @ 7am Wednesday 23 June


ARGENTINA vs URUGUAY @ 12pm Friday 18 June

COLOMBIA vs VENEZUELA @ 11am Saturday 19 June

PERU vs BRAZIL @ 2pm Saturday 19 June

COLOMBIA vs PERU @ 1pm Tuesday 22 June

CHILE vs PARAGUAY @ 12pm Thursday 24 June

COLOMBIA vs BRAZIL @ 1pm Friday 25 June

ECUADOR vs BRAZIL @ 1pm Tuesday 29 June

VENEZUELA vs PERU @ 1pm Tuesday 29 June