Women’s World Cup

20th July - 20th August

Immerse yourself in the thrilling action of the Women’s World Cup!

We’ll be showing all matches live & loud on the big screens. Make sure to catch the games played right here in Welly!

Wellington Regional Stadium Matches

  • Spain v Costa Rica: 21 July (7.30pm NZDT)
  • Sweden v South Africa: 23 July (5pm NZDT)
  • Football Ferns v Philippines: 25 July (5.30pm NZDT)
  • USA v Netherlands: 27 July (1pm NZDT)
  • Sweden v Italy: 29 July (7.30pm NZDT)
  • Japan v Spain: 31 July (7pm NZDT)
  • South Africa v Italy: 2 August (7pm NZDT)
  • Round of 16: 1C v 2A: 5 August (8pm NZDT)
  • Quarterfinal Match: 11 August (1pm NZDT)

Gather the crew & book your spot.